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How Do I Determine Why Apps Are Using Cellular Data?

My wife and I have iPhone 6’s. I was looking at our AT&T data usage statistics. I don’t understand why the data use is so high for apps we hardly use. For example my wife used Instagram to send one message but the use is 126 MB. The message she sent was just a few sentences.
Another example is Solitare. I play it but thought the phone was in air plane mode but it used 45.7 MB. So are apps doing “stuff” that I am not aware of and using data? Thanks

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    5 years ago

    Those are pretty small amounts of data. 45.7MB is the size of a small app download, or a few advertisements. Does that app show ads?

    As for Instagram, it is a big user of bandwidth. You said she used it to just send a message, but I'm not sure that is possible. When you launch Instagram it immediately shows you images in your feed. 126MB is a just few dozen images. Even if you don't scroll down, it loads some. If you do scroll down just a little but it will be a lot.

    The easiest way to know why an app uses bandwidth is to simply reason through it. Ads in a game with ads. Images in Instagram, Snapchat, etc. There's no way to know for sure unless the app developer has that information available, or you use some very technical snooping devices to monitor your bandwidth (on home WiFi for instance).

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