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How Do I Dismiss Lock Screen Notifications In iOS 15?

I’m trying to dismiss notifications on my Lock Screen. Since upgrading to iOS 15, when I press and hold a notification, there’s no X in the corner to dismiss it like there used to be. I can either tap on the notification and open the corresponding app, or I can tap outside of it and return to the Lock Screen with the notification still there. I’m sure there’s some clever new way to do this in iOS 15 that is supposed to be intuitive, but maybe I’m just getting too old to see the obvious. I tried swiping, but that didn’t work either. What is the new way to dismiss Lock Screen notifications?

I’m trying to dismiss Lock Screen notification without having to open the corresponding app.

Device: iPhone

App: Something Else

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    3 years ago

    Try swiping right to left across the notification. If you do it slowly you should see Options and Clear. If you just continue it will default to Clear.

    3 years ago

    My mistake was swiping AFTER pressing and holding to pop it up. Thanks!

    3 years ago

    If there are notifications stacked and you want to just dismiss the top one, the "Clear" option before press and hold always clears them all. How can I clear just the top one to get to the others under it?

    3 years ago

    Auntie: Tap to expand them to individual notifications. Then swipe left on any one you want to dismiss.

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