Forum Question: How Do I Do a Batch Change In Photos?

In El Capitan, I want to change the Title tag on several dozen photos at one time with a numeric differentiation after my new title… like in iPhoto. Is there an app that will do this? The Automator is confusing.
Debbie F

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    5/17/16 @ 11:33 am

    There’s no way to do that. Perhaps with a third-party tool.
    But I have to ask: why? Why do you need to title photos with the same title but with a different number? So “Photo X 1,” “Photo X 2,” “Photo X 3” right? Why not title them all just “Photo X”? It is easy to do that. Then you can search for them by name. But what is the purpose of the number? Maybe if I knew I could help direct you to the right solution.

    Debbie F
    5/17/16 @ 1:00 pm

    Take 12 photos of a retail display. I want to mark them “April -16 display” with a number added to each to differentiate. That way, in say July, I can easily find all the product images that were on my display in April of 2016. That’s what I used to do in iphoto. Sometimes I have several dozen at a time.

    5/17/16 @ 1:05 pm

    Debbie: Ah, I see. Probably best to do it manually then. 12 or 36 photos should only take a minute or two. A batch would be nice if you had 50+.

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