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How Do I Download Podcasts That Are Not In the Apple Podcast List?

1. Many times there are an audio file on a web page as a podcast, with a few episodes. It is not listed in the podcast app’s list of podcasts that you can subscribe to. Can I import or download that podcast into the podcast app on the mac?
2. Can I add or import a mp3 file into the podcast app as a podcast?

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    2 years ago

    The Podcast app is made for subscribing to RSS feeds of podcasts. A podcast doesn't have to be in Apple's list for you to add it to the Podcast app. All you need is the location of the RSS feed, which any podcast should provide.

    Before you do that, however, I would search in the Podcasts app to find the show. Search by name, creator, etc. I can't think of why a podcast wouldn't one there unless it is new.

    But if you still can't find it, then just grab that RSS feed location from their website. Once you find the RSS feed location, copy it and in the Podcast app, go to File, Add Show by URL. Then paste it in there.

    If the show really doesn't have an RSS feed then technically it isn't a podcast, it is just some audio content. I don't think there is any way to import a random piece of audio into the Podcasts app. It needs to have an RSS feed to be a "show" with an episode list and metadata.

    But you can just download that as a mp3 file and listen to it any other number of ways. You can open it in Quick Look in the Finder or in QuickTime Player. You can import it into the Music app library if you really want.

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