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How Do I Draw Out the Length Of a Measure In Garageband?

I have a pianist play the verse of a song, I copy it and add it to the project as many times as I want repeated verses. I want to slow down or drag out the last measure of the final verse to create a ritard to complete the song. How do I do that?
Richard Barnsley

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    8 years ago

    I'm going to assume you mean Garageband Mac, latest version.
    First, select the recorded track. Then choose View Show Editor to bring the editor up at the bottom. Select the track in there. Then select Region (as opposed to Track) on the left. Look for the Follow Tempo and Pitch checkbox. Check it.
    Now choose Track, Show Tempo Track. You'll see the Tempo track appear at the top. It shows a line you can adjust up and down. Click on the with the Command key down at the point where you want to slow it down. So if the track loops 32 times, and you want the last loop to slow down, then click at that point. Now drag the line segment to the right down to lower the tempo there.
    If you want things to slow down gradually, Command+click a second time at the end of the last loop. Then drag the middle segment you created between the beginning and end of loop 32 to raid it a bit. This creates a third dot right above the last dot. You can drag that to the left to curve the line. Experiment and you'll get the hang of it.

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