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How Do I Edit the Suggestions In Numbers?

When I have pop ups with different lists for cells, ie: Groceries, Auto, Insurance, at some point I enter something wrong like “gr” and it stay in the pop up list. How can I delete and/or edit that pop up?

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    2 years ago

    What you mean is “suggestions.” Pop-Up Lists” are a special type of cell, so the term “pop up” applies to that. I want to bring that up so as not to confuse others.

    Suggestions is the feature that shows you a few suggestions under the cell when you start typing some text. So if you have a column that has a list of produce including the word “apple” and then you start typing “apple” elsewhere, you get the suggestion “apple” under the cell after typing “a.”

    You can turn this off in Number, Preferences, General in the Editing section.

    The thing about suggestions is that it only draws from existing cells. So if I mistype and enter “aple” instead of “apple” I now get both as suggestions when I start typing with “a.” However, if I go to the cell that has “aple” in it and change it to “apple” then I am back to just getting the one correct suggestion. So look for the place where you have entered the incorrect one and change it and the suggestion should go away.

    I think this wasn’t true for older versions of Numbers, but I have no way to check. So if this fix doesn’t work for you, let me know which version of Numbers you are using.

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