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How Do I Export a Photo Slideshow Project, and View It On iPhone?

How do I export a slideshow project made on iMac photos to my iPhone 8?

I have tried to export it, but do not know where it went.

I am using IOS Catalina, and made a slideshow from my photo library. I’d like to view it on my iPhone and my Apple TV.
Rich Rosen

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    2 years ago

    When you export a slideshow from the Photos app using File, Export, Export Slideshow, it creates a video file. Watch closely as you do this as you are asked to provide a location for this file. That's where the file will end up.

    To have it appear on your iPhone, you have a few options. You could just save this file (or movie it later) to anywhere on your iCloud Drive. Then you can use the Files app on your iPhone to navigate to that same location and view the file.

    A better way may be to drag and drop that file into your Photos library. If you are using iCloud Photos then this video will appear in your Photos app on your iPhone too. You can also then see this in Photos on your Apple TV.

    Another method for your Apple TV is to add the file to your TV app on your Mac. It will appear there as a Home Video. You can then use Home Sharing to view it on your Apple TV since your Mac and Apple TV would be on the same network. See

    Rich Rosen
    2 years ago

    Thank you Gary. Your suggestions were exactly what I needed to properly export my slideshows.

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