Forum Question: How Do I Export From iMovie ’11 To iDVD Without Loosing Quality?

I have just come to understand that when you export from iMovie, the file is compressed and you loose quality. So far the only solution is to get Final Cut Pro. I’m wondering if there is a trick that I am missing?
I am using iMovie ’11 on a MacBook Pro OS X Snow Leopard

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    2/21/12 @ 7:38 pm

    Well, yes, compressing video (exporting) will lose quality. But not much. If you use high quality settings from iMovie then it should be OK. Especially if you are going to DVD (which is standard definition anyway).
    Which export settings are you using? Using the highest you can (depends on your source) should be fine for DVD — most likely higher quality than can actually be put on a DVD anyway.

    3/5/12 @ 11:02 am

    This has been a major issue for me for some time now, even to the point of speaking to Apple tec support. I wish to export the movie to play through a media player (which is capable of playing the native Canon M2TS file), but having tried different settings, I cannot achieve anywhere near the same quality as the native file. Any suggestions?

    5/26/12 @ 7:09 am

    This is very confusing and frustrating! I created a movie in iMovie 11 and am trying to export to make multiple dvds for my daughter’s soccer team. It is a combination of photos and a few video clips all set to music. I have shared to media browser as well as to idvd and when I playback through idvd the first song is distorted and as the movie goes on, the photos become very pixelated. I need to show this video at an awards banquet and can do that through iMovie and just take my imac, but I want each of the girls to have a take home video and the quality is just not good at all. Help as I have one week to figure this out!!
    thanks a bunch!

      5/26/12 @ 1:00 pm

      Are you playing back inside iDVD? That’s just a preview of what the DVD will look like. Have you tried burning a DVD to see the real thing? It may just be that your Mac isn’t powerful enough to simulate the DVD in real time with eveything going on. Burn one to test, and try it.

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