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How Do I Export Images From Affinity Directly Into Photos?

I am trying to use Automator to automatically import images into the Photo App from a folder that I have exported an image to from Affinity Photo. I then want to have the file in the folder sent to the bin.

Folder Action
Filter Finder Items
File extension is jpg
Import Files into Photos
Move Finder Items to Bin

All works good except that the file is not sent to the bin.

The help file for the Import Files into Photos action shows that the Import Files into Photos action has a “Move source files to trash after import completion ” option but this is not available on my system.

Is something missing from my script.

When I have done post processing my image files I then want to save the jpg versions in Photos and rather than exporting to a folder, opening Photos, importing the images and finally deleting the image files from the export folder I would like this whole process to be completed automatically.

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    2 years ago

    First, why use this complex method when you can just go right from Affinity Photos to Photos? Choose File, Share, Add To Photos. Try it and see if that would work for you.

    As for the workflow, if it is only the last part not working, it is probably because the input to it isn't what you expect. Without recreating it myself, I would think that the results of "Import Files into Photos" isn't the original file. It is the result of the import. So you'd need to save the results of Filter Finder Items into a variable, then use that variable as input to the "Move Finder Items to Bin" action.

    2 years ago

    Thanks for your comments Gary. I did try share and add to Photos but that did not bring across the location or date and time information so not very helpful for searching by location or date. Did I miss something in the process?
    I didn't think that the Automator process was overly complex as I have to export to a folder anyway and if that folder could then automatically import it into Photos that would save me an additional task.

    2 years ago

    David: I would think that an export file would behave the same way, not using the location info. Hoe about this: Bring the original into Photos. Then edit it in Affinity Photo from there (external editor).

    2 years ago

    Gary: No the export function works fine all date, time and location are are imported with the image. I don't want to take the option that you suggest because I am taking RAW images plus I only want to have the images that I keep imported into Photos. I am going to experiment more with the Automator option (steep learning curve). If all this fails at least the importing function of the script is working so only need to delete the images in the export folder at the end. Thanks for your input

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