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How Do I Figure Out What App/process Is Causing My Mac To Go Slow?

I have an iMac purchased in 2012. MacOS HighSierra Version 10.13.2

It seems slower than it used to be. How do I figure out what app/process is causing my mac to go slow?
Thank you.

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    2 years ago

    One way is to the the app Activity Monitor. You have by default. Just search for it with Spotlight.

    But it can be hard to use for typical users. I don’t know what your experience level is with things like that. Sometimes you can spot things, but there are plenty of normal processes that will be listed that you may not recognize. Stressing out over “launchd” or “kernal_task” will just waste your time until you realize they are normal.

    Check in System Preferences, Users and Groups, Login Items to see what may be installed as a background process by a third-party app.

    Are you sleeping your Mac, or shutting it down? Shutting down could lead to slowness as your Mac doesn’t get time to perform system maintenance or backups while it isn’t busy.

    If you are convinced that your Mac is really running slower and something is causing it, but you don’t know what, then take it to the Genius Bar and have an expert take a firsthand look.

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