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How Do I Find a Specific File On My Desktop?

I have dozens of files on my desktop, mostly websites and aliases. Is there a way to find where a particular file is located on the screen? If I do a search in Spotlight it will locate the file in the desktop Finder window, but I would like to have it highlighted/selected on the actual desktop.
I am using Sierra on a 2013 iMac.

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    4 years ago

    Well, there is one thing you can do. Click on the Desktop background to make sure you are focused on the Desktop itself. Then start typing the name of the file. The icon will be selected based on what you have typed.

    So if you only had one file/folder/alias on the Desktop that started with the letter D, then if you pressed the d key it would select that icon. If you had one that started with De and another with Di, then De... would be selected, but if you typed i then Di... would be selected.

    So that may be of some help.

    Otherwise, you may want to think about cleaning up your Desktop. Put things on the right side of the Dock or if they are websites use bookmarks. At least organize them into folders. If you were using Mojave or newer, you could start using Desktop Stacks too.

    4 years ago

    What a handy tip! I never knew that was there. Thanks Gary

    4 years ago

    Steve Jobs always said to keep a clean desktop and put the things you want to keep in your Document File by subject. Why? Because when you wake or start up your computer it has to draw all the things you left on your desktop, slowing your Computer.

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