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How Do I Find Actual Photos From My Photos App In Finder?

Trying to drag and drop photos into a program to polish them up, I can drag a photo from my desktop into this app without problem but can not drag directly from photos app opened, can I find these photos in finder, used to be able to pull up all my files and search through there but now with the High Sierra, there has got to be an easy way into the contents of Photos and drag out a certain photo, just am having a mental block
Thanks, Gary
Gary Ward

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    3 years ago

    Which app are you using that does’t support dragging from Photos?

    Does this app only accept input as dragged photos, or is there an Open or Import function in the menus? If so, use that Open/Import function and then use the Media/Photos item in the left sidebar of the Open dialog to find your photos.

    There is a way to get into the Photos library, but your organizational structures won’t be there, so you won’t be able to find the photos you want to use easily. The only other method would be to drag out of Photos into a temporary folder or the desktop. That may be the fastest method.

    Gary Ward
    3 years ago

    The program is Photolemue 2.0, they say to use an extension, when i go to settings, extensions, it is there and checked but does not show up on the extensions, have to go to Image up in the menu bar and then i can get to the extension to move the photos to the app. How can i get it to show up in the share menu item? Even in the image menu i have to go to edit with but have to go all the way to other to find Photolemur. Thanks!

    3 years ago

    If it is checked, then it should appear. Otherwise, I’d contact them for more support. Maybe they don’t support High Sierra yet.

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