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How Do I Find Out How Much Space Is Available On My Mac?

How do I find out how much available space I have on my Mac Book and Mac Book Pro laptop?
Byron Robinson

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    10 years ago

    Determining how much hard drive space you have left depends a little on the version of OS X you are running.
    In Mountain Lion, there is a handy graph that you can view if you choose Apple Menu, About This Mac, and then click the More Info button. Then click the Storage tab at the top of that window. Each hard drive you have connected is shown, and you can see how much space is left, and how the rest of the drive is used.
    In earlier versions of OS X, like Snow Leopard, you don't have this tool. But you can simply select the hard drive (on the Desktop, or in the left sidebar of a Finder window, or in the Finder window at the top level) and use Command+I to get info about the drive. This will show you the space used and available under General information.
    The Finder can also show this directly. Any Finder window that is looking at a folder on that drive will show you the space available on the drive at the bottom of the window. If you don't see it there, then you probably have the status bar hidden. Go to View, Show Status Bar in the menu to unhide it.

    John C Stires
    10 years ago

    Activity Monitor app has a nice pie chart showing "Space Utilized" and "Space Free." It's easily access by opening The Spotlight Search and typing Acti... that's enough for my MBP to find the app. Hit 'enter' and find a world of information and data going on right under your hands.

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