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How Do I Find Out Where a Pop Up Is Coming From and Eliminate It?

I somehow inadvertently installed an app called Mac Ads Cleaner on my MacBook Air. I moved the app, along with several related Library files to the trash and emptied it. I also removed it from login items.

I thought that was the end of it, but now I’m constantly getting pop-ups recommending me to download and install Mac Ads Cleaner.

I’ve obviously missed a piece of it somewhere. How do I track it down and get rid of it for good?

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    4 years ago

    Hard for me to guess how to uninstall it without first installing it, then going through the whole process myself. But, fortunately, in situations like this, an Internet search can be useful. I simply searched for “uninstall Mac Ads Cleaner” and came up with some good results. Try the search yourself. The first result I see is: and look at the reply from Link Davis.
    Also, consider that you may not have anything installed. Are you only seeing ads for Mac Ads Cleaner on web pages? It could just be an ad that you are seeing way more than normal because online ad networks have decided you are interested in that product and so are showing you the ad often. This is similar to how I saw tons of ads for Air New Zealand after I started searching for New Zealand information.
    Another possibility is that the software put an extension in Safari, or changed something in Safari. Check Safari, Preferences, Extensions to see if there is an extension installed. Also, check in General for home page and Search for search engine to make sure it didn’t set that.
    But if the pop-ups are not happening in Safari, then you probably need to follow Linc’s instructions and figure out what is installed. If you are still getting them after that, then a trip to an expert or Genius Bar will be needed.

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