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How Do I Fix Having Different Names From Final Cut Pro?

Let’s start with the softwares I’m using. It’s quicktime player, and I use it to play videos on my laptop.
My problem starts with final cut pro, which is used to create videos. The first imgur link shows the video having a header name completely different from the file name. Header name being “ark”, and file name is “is.mp4”
in final cut, ark is my project name and is.mp4 is the whatever file name I decide to give it after creating the video.
normally, all files share the same header name and file name, and renaming one will also rename the other. However, that’s not the case here.
Plus, QuickTime player won’t allow me to rename the file from the software itself.
How would I fix it?

I would like to add, not all videos played on QuickTime player does this. All the videos that I recorded using QuickTime player does not have this issue. It only happened when a video is created after using my preferred editing software. Thank you for your time.

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The problem I have is not very urgent or important. It’s simply kind of bothering me that the header and file have different names when I play back at my own video.
Kang Ge

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    2 years ago

    That's the project/video title. In Final Cut Pro each project has a name and that will appear as the title of the exported video in QuickTime Player and perhaps many other video playback apps as well.

    In Final Cut Pro, you can change the Project name by clicking on the project in the Libraries sidebar second column and you'll see a list of projects with thumbnails, titles, modification times and running times. Click on the title to change it.

    You can also temporarily modify it in the Export dialog box. Changing the title there in the Info portion of the dialog will change it for that export only.

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