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How Do I Format a Thumb Drive for Music?

I am trying to put Christmas music on a thumb drive to play in my car. How can I format the drive to work in a car with SYNC?

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    5 years ago

    You probably do it FAT or ExFAT and then put nothing but standard .mp3 files on it. But you'd have to consult your car's manual to see for sure. It should say. Or, if it is an after-market music system, look at the documentation for it.

    5 years ago

    Out of passing interest, my Honda requires flash drives be formatted in FAT; but is fussy about the drive used. Some work nominal... others it won't recognize.

    For one it seems to like more modern SanDisk drives... maybe others.

    And a tip. To save wear/tear on the cars (very) pricy USB port, grab a short extension cable and leave it plugged in the car; then plug/unplug your flash drive into the cable. This suggestion was actually found buried deep in the fine print of my owners manual.

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