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How Do I Get a Font To Show Up In Pages?

I have 345 fonts installed on my Mac, but only 131 show up in the fonts menu in Pages. If I use the “Show fonts” menu (cmd+T), all 345 fonts are there and I can use them. How do I get all the fonts to show up in the menu in the Inspector panel?

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    3 years ago

    Hard to say without knowing what makes these fonts different. Have you tried making an assessment of these fonts to see if they are a different format, or perhaps there is something else that distinguishes them? Maybe they are non-latin fonts, or special characters? Or, maybe they are just a format that doesn’t play well with the Pages font list. That list shows a preview of each font, so I can see some not working, even though the font is installed on your system.
    If you use the Show Fonts window, and then switch to that font, does it work? Does it actually display the text in the font that you selected? If so, then it is just a matter of some fonts not working with the Pages font list. If not, then the fonts don’t work with Pages at all. Perhaps they are an older outdated format?
    Also, have you tried looking in the Font Book app to see if there are any issues with these fonts?

    3 years ago

    Yes, when I select a font in the Show Fonts window, it works in the document. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the fonts. The font I was trying to use is Apple SD Gothic Neo. It’s an Apple font and it is available in Word and Photoshop. Why not in Pages? Also, after I applied the font in a document from the Show Fonts window, it now appears in the Pages fonts list even after I restart Pages.

    3 years ago

    Apple SD Gothic Neo shows up in Font Book under “Computer” fonts, but not “User.” So my guess is that this font is for system use, and not word processing use. More or less.
    I looked in the HD/Library/Fonts folder, found it, dragged it to the User item in the sidebar of Font Book. That made it available as a user font. Then I restarted Pages and it was shown in the list.

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