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How Do I Get a Photo’s Metadata Into the Photos App?

I am moving some old photos I found that I took many years before I had my Mac and the photos App. I imported a photo as a test and it slapped today’s date on the photo. I want the date the photo was taken to be used to place it in the proper place in Photos. The photo was taken in 2009 not 2019.

Is there a way to have Photos do this?

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    3 years ago

    Do you know if the photo actually has the correct date in the photo metadata? That is usually placed there by the camera when you take the photo. But if the photo was created by scanning or editing in an image editing app, then it may not have any actual camera metadata at all.

    To view the actual metadata, open the file in Preview. Then use Command+i and click on the Exif tab.

    You can always set the date in Photos after you import. Easy to do with 10 or even 100 photos. But I can understand wanting it to be automatic if there are more. You can select multiple photos and set them to the same date, which is what I did when scanning in old photos. I would just set all the photos from one day to the same date at midnight.

    3 years ago

    In what circumstances is one prevented from importing photos into Photos? I was in Photos, Import then went to select some JPG files but in the folder of interest they were greyed-out. Also, from the other end, I selected some pictures in Finder and tried to Share them into Photos but that option was not available. Could it be a "duplicate" thing? Thanks Gary.

    3 years ago

    Gene: Perhaps those files are on iCloud Drive (or another cloud service) and need to be downloaded first. What happens when you simply double-click them in the Finder? Could also be that you already imported them with the "Copy items to the library" option turned off, but I'm not sure if that prevents you from trying.

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