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How Do I Get AirTag Notifications Off My Watch?

Gary, I’ve purchased a number of the new Apple AirTags – Clever little devices – I think one of your tutorials on them would be great – just a suggestion.
If you decide to do it, here is a problem I’ve run into and not sure how to address the issue. Whenever I move away from a particular AirTag, I get a notification on my iPhone AND my Apple Watch. The watch is the issue – (at least I think it is the issue) I get so many notifications on my watch, the battery runs down in far less time than what it did prior to having the AirTags. Probably available, but I haven’t been able to find out how to stop the notifications going to the watch.

Bill Toney

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    2 years ago

    To control notifications on your Apple Watch, go to the Watch app on your iPhone. Then go to Notifications. I think the Find My app is the one you would need to turn off. But experiment.

    Note that I doubt that notifications are making much of a difference in battery life. They shouldn't impact the power usage very much at all.

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