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How Do I Get My Chart In Numbers To Work Better With My Tables?

I have some tables with stats that I’m using to make a dashboard. I have a couple of related questions:

1. How do I position the charts and tables on my pseudo dashboard so I’m constantly not having to zoom in and out? Is there a way to make the canvas smaller? I hate having so much empty space. Is there a specific zoom level that I should adhere to?

2. Is there a way to use a hidden column for a reference in my tables? If not, how do i make a chart of data i don’t want to visually display in a table in my chart?

3. If I have a table of 7 days of the week, and data in all of the 7 rows except one day which has no data, so it’s an empty cell (or zero). If I want to just skip this day on the chart, how can I do so without deleting it from the table?

It should be noted I only have numbers for iCloud and iPhone, i don’t own a Mac or an iPad.

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    4 years ago

    Not sure how to answer your first question. You can zoom to whatever level you want and arrange your tables and charts how you want. There is no need to "adhere" to anyone else's standards or anything like that.

    Yes, you can use a hidden column in your tables. I do it all the time. Try it. Make the chart, then hide the column after you make the chart.

    Yes, you can make a chart with missing rows or columns. Just select the rows you want and build the chart. For instance, you can select rows 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7. Then make a chart. Try it. Then select the chart and look at the right sidebar, Series, Data and see how it represents it as two ranges. This will allow you to alter or build these ranges into an existing chart if you need to do that.

    I'm not sure how well this will all work on Numbers for iPhone, sorry. Try it, but I was using a Mac when I came up with the answers above.

    4 years ago

    1. I’m constantly having to zoom in and out and trying to arrange all my tables and charts at the same size is cumbersome. Maybe this is a limitation of the iPhone.

    2. When I do this, the data in the chart disappears. When I unhide the column, the data in the chart re-appears.

    3. This table and chart is dynamic in that it changes by the current date, I have the top row setup to change to the previous Monday, so every week it changes automatically. So need this to happen automatically too.

    4 years ago

    Ryan: You are pretty limited with something like this on the iPhone because of the screen size and the fact that you are using a general-purpose tool. Not sure if you'll be able to do it any better with a tool like Numbers. I have no idea what you are actually trying to do so it is hard to make suggestions, but if it is something other people try to do too, maybe there is a more specific app for it?

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