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How Do I Get Out Of Guest?

My Mac slip in to guest while I was working on it. Can not find a way out. Was not using a PW for logging on. Am bunch lot of important stuff.
Thomas F. Houlihan

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    3 years ago

    Do you mean a Guest Account? The only way to get into the Guest Account is to switch to that user. So you are not using the Mac as "you" anymore, but as a guest. All of your stuff is in your account, and you won't see that when using it as Guest.

    The only way to get out of it is to log out of the Guest Account. If you created anything at all in this Guest Account, save it to an external USB thumb drive or to the Shared folder in the Users folder. When you log out of your Guest account, it wipes anything that was created in the guest account while using it as a guest. But it doesn't touch anything in your regular account, that stuff is safe there.

    Then just choose Apple Menu, Log Out. Then you can log back into your regular Mac account.

    Thomas F Houlihan
    3 years ago

    Hello Gary. Many thanks for your super rapid response to me inquiry about getting out of Guest. I tried what you suggested - 4 times -, did not work. Computer works fine in Guest, Like it is supposed to - I think. This happened once before. Had a tech come in. He fixed it (for a big price, of course). Worked fine till now. Could it be like the old adage? Can't teach an old dog new tricks. - I am only 92, got a lot more to learn. Thanks again.


    3 years ago

    Thomas: Are you near an Apple Store? I'd make an appointment at the Genius Bar and have them fix it for free and maybe also tell you what happened.

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