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How Do I Get Rid Of Phishing Emails?

I opened my MacBook Pro (13″ – mid 2012 model) 2 nights ago only to find 4000 emails in my mailbox icon. I contacted my internet provider who told me to change my password for my email address. then I proceeded to delete all the emails.
I’m still receiving phishing emails, not as many but still receiving some.

How can I get I put a stop to this?

I’m running macOS Catalina


Darlene Atwell
Darlene Atwell

Comments: 2 Responses to “How Do I Get Rid Of Phishing Emails?”

    3 years ago

    Change your email address. It looks like you are still using your ISP's "free" email address that comes with your Internet service. This is a bad idea for many reasons ( and poor spam filtering is one of them.

    I did a video on this not too long ago:

    There's really nothing you can do to stop someone from sending you email. I'm sure these all come from different email addresses (all fakes) and the words used are different and will keep changing. The only thing that really works is smart filtering on the server using IP block lists and recognizing when messages go to millions of people, not just you. But your ISP's email service will never provide this. So it is time to move on to something better.

    Darlene Atwell
    3 years ago

    In other words I should use my gmail account for everything...... I'll get everything switched over to that account.
    Thanks for answering my email Gary.

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