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How Do I Have an Automator Workflow “Automatically” Run?

I created an Automator Workflow to open 2 Excel spreadsheets at the same time. I then placed it on my desktop. When I double click it the Automator opens and if I click “Run” it works perfectly. I would like to double click the icon and have the Automator automatically run, thus skipping the interim step.
I don’t know what to add in building the Automator to do that. Any assistance would be appreciated.
Bill Toney

Comments: One Response to “How Do I Have an Automator Workflow “Automatically” Run?”

    5 years ago

    When you create the Automator workflow, choose "Application" instead of "Workflow." This creates a stand-alone app that will run with the double-click instead of opening Automator.

    Since you already have the Workflow, you can open it and then choose File, Convert To... Then choose Application. This will duplicate the Automator document, but when you save this one it will be an app.

    Another way to go is to use "Quick Action" instead of "Application." Then you can have it in your Services menu and run it from there in one step so the icon doesn't clutter up your Desktop.

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