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How Do I Import My Safari Saved Passwords Into Google Chrome?

I mostly use Safari for most of my web browsing, but I often need to switch to Google Chrome for some sites for the Flash support. My typical work around for the flash issue is to go to the Develop menu in safari and switch the User Agent to iPad. This will typically make those websites that have a mobile version that is non-Flash based work. However not every website supports this, and that is when I need to use Google Chrome. I would like to be able to import my Safari saved passwords to make working between the two web browsers much easier, but cannot seem to do it. Any advice?

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    7 years ago

    That's not easy to do as there are security issues involved. If it were that easy for another app to grab Safari's passwords, then it could be an issue.
    Why not simply install Flash in Safari? That is what I do.
    Or, if you visit some sites regularly, then store the passwords for them in Chrome's system? I think that is the case because if it were not regularly visited sites, then why would you need a password anyway?

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