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How Do I Increase the List Of Recent Places Displayed On MacOS File Save As?

Gary – I have a recollection of seeing an answer or a video from you that provided the Terminal command to increase the list of Recent Places displayed on macOS File Save As dialogues from the default of 5 folders to, say, 20. Despite searching I cannot find this, yet I know I used this at some point in the past to provide a longer list of Recent Places on my MacBook Air.

Can you point me at the right Terminal command so I can increase the list on my new iMac?



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    5 years ago

    I don't believe there is any way to change this. It is always 5.

    But there are many other ways to set the folder to save. I assume you have expanded the Save window so you can see a Finder-like sidebar and navigation, correct? Then you can use any of the regular Finder shortcuts, like Command+d to get to common places. You can also use the sidebar to jump to a folder, including any folders you have added to the sidebar. You can also drag and drop a folder from any Finder window into this Save window and the location will jump there. I use this last one all the time. Search also works to find a folder in the Save window.

    See for more tips.

    5 years ago

    Thanks for your other suggestions Gary — dragging and dropping from Finder into the Save Window was a totally new one to me that I will put to good use.

    However, there must be a way of extending the Recent Places list as I have done that in the past on my MacBook Air. I guess I got the tip from elsewhere; I just wish I made a note of it.

    I will do a little research and post back here if I find an answer.

    — Colin

    PS I love your the fantastic work!

    5 years ago

    Found it! The Terminal command seems to be ...

    defaults write -g NSNavRecentPlacesLimit -int NUM

    (Where NUM is the number of required Recent Places)

    I found this here — But never fear, continues to be my go-to destination for all mac/ios questions!

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