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How Do I Increase the Range Of Consecutive Cells To Be Totalled In Numbers?

As an example, say I have cells F2 to F10 being totalled in cell F15. As I add information into the cells in the F column; filling in, F11, F12, etc I need to move my totalling cell (F15) to say F25, and then I need to edit the formula in F25 to increase the range being totalled in that column from, F2:F10 to F2:F24.
When I go to edit the cell range in Numbers I seem to have to no option but to delete the entire range rather than the just the last number (like you can in Excel) There presumably must be an easier way to edit the numbers within the formula without deleting the whole thing or better still a way to increase the cell range but simply using the cursor to set the range of the formula but I can’t find it either option from either trial and error or from any google searching.
Many thanks for any help
Justin Short

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    1 year ago

    You use a footer row. That’s what it is for. So you start with the table being 11 rows. You set it to have 1 footer row in the Table sidebar. So row 1 is a special row (header) and row 11 is a special row (footer). Then you use the SUM function in F11 to total all cells in the row, so SUM(F). This will include all regular cells in the row, so F2-F10. But you would just have SUM(F) as the formula. It knows not to include the header or footer row.

    Then if you select cell F10 and press Return, the table adds a row so you have a blank cell in F11, and the footer row with SUM(F) moves down to F12. Enter in the new value there and you’ve got the correct sum. The same would happen if you added new rows using Table, Add Row Above/Below.

    Also, note that if for some reason you used SUM(F2:F10) in the footer cell and then added a row, it would automatically change the footer cell’s formula to SUM(F2:F11). But using SUM(F) is cleaner.

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