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How Do I Install a Printer Driver On a MacBook?

Latest software update, downloaded the installer (Dell C1760nw, in Amazon it says that it is compatible with Mac), run it but it’s like nothing happens, the printer is not in the printers list, zero. Where does the installation go? Please help!
Juan Carlos

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    3 years ago

    So you downloaded the installer, then you ran it. Then what? You should have received prompts at that point to go through the steps to install it. If not, then you didn’t install it.

    Perhaps you only downloaded it and decompressed it? So the installer is still there? Or, if it was a disk image, maybe you downloaded it and then opened the disk image, but didn’t run the installer in the disk image?

    Did any instructions appear on the page with the driver download? Look carefully for those.

    Once installed, go to System Preferences, Printers & Scanners, and then use the + button to add the new printer so you can use it in apps.

    Juan Carlos
    3 years ago

    Got it: only going to Library/Printers and clicking on the printer there (that’s where it went!) worked perfectly fine.

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