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How Do I Keep a Complete Manual In Books On My iPhone?

How do I keep a complete manual in books on my iPhone without having To download it from the Cloud each time?

I usually have to refer to my engine manual on my sailboat at least once every month or so. We are often out to sea (no internet or phone service). When I attempt to look at the manual in Books… I usually can not as it is needs to be downloaded from the Cloud.

Is there a way to download it once and have it stay in its entirety on my iPhone?

Thank you…. Doug

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    4 years ago

    As long as you have space on your iPhone, the book shouldn't be automatically removed like that. But perhaps you are short on space?

    One thing you can do is to check to make sure it is there and downloaded before you leave. Once out of service, it shouldn't change.

    But a sure fire way to do it is to store a copy (I assume it is a PDF) in the Files app instead of Books. For instance, if you use iCloud, then put a copy of the PDF in iCloud Drive. Then go to it in the Files app on your iPhone. Tap and hold that PDF and select Move and then move it to On My iPhone. This puts it in the local storage of your iPhone outside of iCloud. So you know you have a copy of it if the one in Books turns out to be MIA when you need it.

    Doug Brandt
    4 years ago

    Thank you!

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