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How Do I Keep My Data Copying To My SE’s Device?

I do The NY Times mini crossword on my iPad Pro every morning. I access it by opening The NY Times App.
If I complete the crossword on my IPad Pro when Mike opens the app on his IPad Air the crossword comes up completed just as I did it.
Same thing happens if he completes first – comes up on my device completed.
Jackie Turner

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    2 years ago

    My best guess is that you are both using the same Apple ID and so are sharing an iCloud account. Then the crossword app is automatically saving the progress of the puzzle to iCloud, which then syncs it to all of “your” devices. I say “your” because if you are using the same Apple ID then it is like you are a single person.

    This is great functionality from that app, and many apps do this. You can start the puzzle on your iPad and finish it on your iPhone.

    But if you are ignoring the fact that you should be using one Apple ID per person, then you’ll get problems like this. The solution is to have your own Apple ID and iCloud account and not to share it.

    Another possibility may be that the NY Times app has its own account system, and that you are using one account for both of you. Then it would be sharing the progress of the puzzle across the devices because it considers you both to be one person, moving from one device to the other. Perhaps then there is a setting for the app that allows you to turn this off? Or, maybe they want to sell more subscriptions. You’d have to contact they support if you think that this is tied to your NYT account, not an Apple ID. But their answer may simply be to get a second subscription.

    Jackie Turner
    2 years ago

    It must be NYT issue. We have our own Apple ID’s. However, we are both using the same subscription. I will see if there is a way around it. Thanks for your input.

    Jackie Turner
    2 years ago

    Thanks for your help

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