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How Do I Keep Safari Window the Same Size?

iMac 2013, OSX 10.13.4, Safari 11.1

I like having Mail and Safari side by side when I start up. I used to set Safari to a specific size and OSX would remember. Now Safari seems to default to some other size. Oddly enough my Mail app seems to size correctly. Any thoughts? Any fixes?
Mark Scola

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    2 years ago

    So you are restarting or shutting down your Mac on a regular basis? My initial advice is to stop doing that. There is no need. Just let it sleep. And you never have to quit a frequently-used app like Safari. So just leave it running with the window the size you like and the page(s) you want displayed.

    Other than that, look in System Preferences, General. Do you have “Close windows when quitting an app” checked? If so, uncheck it.

    Mark Scola
    2 years ago

    Thanks for your quick response, Gary. I don’t shut down my Mac very often but I do close Safari from time to time. Unchecked Sys Prefs “Close windows when quitting an app”. That helped keep the window size and position. Now the issue only happens if I click on the red window button.

    Guess I need to change my habits and just click the yellow button (or Command H) if I need to “put” Safari away.

    2 years ago

    Yes, use Command+H to get Safari out of the way, or just open up other apps/windows/documents on top of it.

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