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How Do I Know the Difference Between a Slow iMac and Bad Internet?

I hear of this Malware clear your iMac but afraid to use it and if I really need it. My iMac is 5 years old and my AT&T internet service says no problem with us. Ant tips

Thanks so much
Harry Gallagher

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    5 years ago

    Well, there are many tasks you perform that do not use the Internet. For instance, opening up a Pages document, writing, saving, etc. Or, if you edit images or video on your Mac, those are much more processor intense and aren't usually using the Internet. Are those kind of things slow?

    As for the Internet, you can easily do an Internet speed test. Just Google "Internet speed test" and you can use Google's test or the first result ( Then compare the results to what you are supposed to be getting from your ISP.

    As far as fixing any issue, if the problem shows up in your speed test, then you need to deal with that with your ISP. Perhaps their network is fine but the equipment (router) is old or bad.

    If your connection is fine, there could be some software on your Mac that isn't behaving or something else wrong. I'm not sure what you are referring to in your first sentence, but you don't need any special software to "clean" your Mac. However, if you are convinced there is something wrong, then a firsthand look by an expert should get to the bottom of it.

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