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How Do I Make an Address Book In Pages?

I want to make an alphabetized address book in Pages, but don’t know if it will do that? I don’t even know how to begin it. There is no template that I can see in the Pages “New” settings? Any suggestions for me, please?
Jude Hibler

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    5 years ago

    You can certainly make something like that in Pages, but designing how it looks is up to you. You could make it simple with just lines of text, or use tables and styles to make a nicer list.

    You can also use Numbers for this, putting the names and addresses in a table there and using the sorting options and such. That may make it easier to manage.

    If you are looking to print out the contacts in your Contacts app, you don't need to use Pages at all. There is already a variety of options for printing your contacts in that app. I have an older video for that here, but it hasn't changed too much:

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