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How Do I Make Custom “Evening Before” Alert On Calendar?

Hi, I want the possibility to make an alert for calendar event on the evening before the event.Sometimes I have an event on any hour let say 12:00, and I want an alert on the the night before, like 20:00. I can’t find any good and effective method for that. All I can do is know what time is my event and manually set an alert on that and so hours. Example: event on 12:00, I will make alert for 16 hours before.
And on the iPhone is not even possible, only what the app offers.
I want to make a custom built in option, like night before which is always at 20:00.

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    2 years ago

    You are already doing it the only way possible for the Calendar app. Use your Mac and make it 16 hours or such before the event. There's no way to do it on an iPhone.

    So the other method is to add a Calendar event, and then also add a Reminder. You could type it out in the Reminders app on either device, or I usually just ask Siri something like "Remind me about the lunch meeting Tuesday at 9 pm" to get it done quick.

    There may be a way to do it on an iPhone by using the Shortcuts app. But it will take a lot of work and probably decent programming skills. There is an Add New Event action with lots of variables that can be filled, including the alert time. So I guess a long sequence of prompts for the event information and a calculation to figure out 8 pm the day before for the alert could work. But the amount of time you'd need to put into it, depending on your coding skills, probably wouldn't make it worth building.

    2 years ago

    Thank you Gary, for the answer
    It’s annoying that I can’t do it from my iPhone or automate it by any way.
    Thanks again you are awesome, love your videos

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