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How Do I Make Purchased iCloud Storage Available ?

How Do I Make Purchased iCloud Storage Available So I don’t burn Out Of Storage On My iPhone 6S, iPad Air, and MacBook Pro?
I’ve run out of regular storage on my iPhone, resulting in the inability to take photos or make phone calls. I purchased extra storage from Apple, but don’t know how to make it available to my iPhone, etc.
Don Reid

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    4 years ago

    As long as you are using the same Apple ID, it IS available. But it doesn’t mean that things are going to disappear from your devices. The ideas is that the data is shared between your devices, not that it stores them elsewhere.
    If you are low on space and it is your Photos collection that is part of the issue, you can set your Photos preferences so it doesn’t store the high res versions locally (Settings, Photos 7 Camera, Optimize iPhone Storage). With macOS Sierra (next week) you can set System Prefs so it doesn’t store large old files locally. This is automatic — there is nothing else for you to do except set it.
    Besides that, you still need to manage your storage. If you told your iPhone you want 5 large HD movies on it, then it will obey your wishes and keep those movies there. Get rid of them. If it is something else like large apps you don’t use anymore, you need to get rid of them too. And so on…

    John Stires
    4 years ago

    I’ve been extremely disappointed w Apple’s explanation of iCloud storage. I’ve had to delete important apps b/c I want to take a video and ‘there wasn’t room’ despite my 50G storage plan. If you (also) own a 16G iPhone6s+ you’re (also) limited to the number of apps you can have on your phone and STILL be able to actually USE it. The space taken up by APPS doesn’t correlate to iCloud storage in ANY way. Fill your iPhone w apps, and forget about using its features as it came from the box.

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