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How Do I Manage My Startup Apps?

When Iopen the iMac 24″ all of the apps open and then keep running in the background, therefore taking up memory. So how do I keep all of my Apps from opening on startup. In other words how do I select those Apps that I want to open at startup?

Why does my iMac open all of the Apps at startup?

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    2 years ago

    First, ask yourself why you are "starting up" so often. Normally, you only start your Mac if you have to restart because of an install or update. Otherwise, there's rarely a reason to shut down your Mac at all. In fact, you should avoid it. See:

    I'm guessing you actually have no "startup apps" at all. But here are the places to check for that:

    What you are probably experiencing is that you shut down or restart your Mac with apps running and documents open, and expect those documents to automatically close and the apps to quit.

    But then when you start up again, the apps simply resume. The idea is the Mac resumes where you left off, with apps running and documents open. You can turn this off, or simply get in the habit of closing a document when you are done and then quitting the app (don't just quit the app). I recommend NOT turning it off. It is a very handy feature and I wouldn't want to see all of my windows disappear if I needed to do a restart.


    Russ T.
    2 years ago

    Hi, I know you advocate not ever restarting your iMac; just have it go to sleep; because of all the cleanup, etc. that goes on in the background. When I do that I run into all kinds of network issues; the list is long; example: not internet access with to iCloud; browsing; access to almost any financial institution; back blaze shuts down and will not restart. Every computer in my house and several neighbors have the same issues. We are sure it is an Xfinity problem; but not help from them.

    2 years ago

    Russ: I advocate not shutting down your Mac. That's different than restarting. Anyway, I would find out what the problem is that is causing this, and not try to compound that with more problems by shutting down your Mac when you aren't using it. Maybe try restarting your cable modem? Maybe there is a setting in your cable modem that needs to be changed? Maybe get a separate Wi-Fi router and connect that to your cable modem instead of using the (usually bad) Wi-Fi that comes as a part of your cable modem? I'd ask an expert on your particular modem what they recommend.

    Russ T.
    2 years ago

    Thanks for the suggestions. It runs really good for about 4-5 days; then it just crashes. We have tried everthing except the expert on my modem. Will try that right away. Have spend hours with Comcast tech Tech support. I will leave the iMac on for and extended period see if I can get this fixed. Thanks again for all your help and especially your videos; they are super.

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