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How Do I Manage Photo’s Between iPhone and iPhoto?

I don’t understand the relationship between the different Albums in my iPhone. Nor do I understand exactly how they interact with iPhoto.
Some areas are simple and straightforward: Events in iPhone maps to Events in iPhoto.
One thing that is unclear to me is these 3 Albums in iPhone: “Camera Roll”, “Photo Library”, and “Last 12 Months”. I don’t understand their relationships with each other? For example, they appear in differing quantities in my phone: 107, 375, & 360 respectively – why not all the same? Also, where are they mapped in iPhoto?
Until I understand these relationships, I can’t design a good photo management and organization system.

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    11 years ago

    Camera Roll is photos you have taken with your iPhone. That could also include screen captures and images created by apps.
    Photo Library is the same as selecting "photos" (instead of events) in iPhoto on your Mac. A list of everything.
    Last 12 months would be a smart album that you have synced from iPhoto. Smart albums are lists of photos that match rules. So this is obviously all photos from iPhoto on your Mac that you have taken in the last 12 months.
    As far as "management and organization" -- if that is what you want, then do it on iPhoto on your Mac. Organize the photos into events, albums, smart albums. Then sync the ones you want (those settings are in iTunes). Don't attempt to organize on your iPhone as it should be done in iPhoto. Those photos (all but camera roll) are just lower res copies of what you have in your iPhoto collection anyway.

    11 years ago

    Thanks, this is helping. A couple more questions, however:

    What is the difference between "Events" and "Photos" in iPhoto? It appears to me that they are the exact same thing, only Events is presented in a Tile layout and Photo's is presented in a horizontal drop-down layout.

    Similarly, it seems that I can organize my photos in Events, so why would I then want to create Albums?

    Finally, is it safe to allow iPhoto to "Delete Photos on your phone" after syncing? I suppose the photos will simply be removed from Camera Roll, but will Sync right back through Photo Library?

    Thanks again! Your show has been super helpful for me.

      11 years ago

      Events lists your photos by event. Photos just lists them all. Like Artists vs Songs in iTunes.
      Each photo must be in exactly one event. But with albums you can have photos in several albums. They are like playlists in iTunes.
      Yes, you can remove them from your Camera Roll. Otherwise, your iPhone will eventually fill up.

        11 years ago

        Question. I have reached the point I can no not back up my iPhone4 to my Mac. Cannot update apps. No space on phone. How do I delete photos from phone that I did not delete when I synced phone? I have about 800 photos on phone Deleting each one is insane. Not permitted to go back, sync and delete all. Thank you!

          11 years ago

          There are two locations for photos: Camera Roll (photos taken on your iPhone) and everywhere else. This second location includes only photos synced FROM your Mac. So the second depends on your settings in iTunes when you sync. The first can be cleared off by syncing with iPhoto (not iTunes) and then choosing to delete the photos when they have all been transferred. Or, sync with Image Capture, another app on your Mac. Get the photos you want by dragging and dropping, and you can select multiple and delete using Image Capture too.

    Paula McNamara
    11 years ago

    I recently published a new album containing 28 photos, using my MacBook Pro. The photos all showed up beautifully on my computer. However, I am only able to see 12 of the photos on my iphone and ipad. any help would be appreciated.

      11 years ago

      What do you mean by "published." Be specific.

    Ronnie Yap
    11 years ago

    How do we transfer a photo album that's made on iPhone to iPhoto?

    I've searched quite a bit but find no answer.

    Thank You.

      11 years ago

      That should happen when you sync with iTunes. When you do that, check your photo sync settings for that iPhone from inside of iTunes on your Mac.

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