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How Do I Maximize the Size Of Photos Received From Others?

Using MacBook Pro 13″, Mid 2010 with El Capitan, Ver 10.11.6

In addition to the email address provided, I also use an email address with

Just received photos from a sender using Gmail and all the photos were very small in size taken with an iPhone but sent to me at the email in lieu of the address. Have been told that when emails sent to with photos attached the photos will be very small compaired to that sent to a Gmail. com address.

Was told that Mac using the address sends small photo file sizes than, if for example, the photo was emailed using Gmail.


Stephen Heimovitz

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    7 years ago

    You have total control over the size of the photos you send from your Mac. But you have no control over what others send you. If they are sending small photos, you will get small photos. The only way to change that is to ask them to change what they are doing to send you larger ones.
    For you, using Mac Mail, you get the choice in the composition window of what size (resolution, really) the photos are send at. It doesn't matter what email server you use -- Gmail, iCloud, company server, etc, as the photos are packaged up, attached and sent by your email app.

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