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How Do I Merge Sheets To a Table?

I have a few separate tables with one sheet per table. Can I merge/move the sheets onto one table?

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    3 years ago

    I’m not sure what you are asking. A table is a single “grid” of cells. A sheet is a “page” with one or more tables. A document is a collection of sheets. I doesn’t make sense to say “one sheet per table” but it does make sense to say “one table per sheet.”

    If your intention is to move table from various sheets onto one sheet, then cut and paste is the way to do it. Simply select a table on sheet 2, Command+X, then switch to sheet 1, then Command+V. This moves the table from sheet 2 to sheet 1. Then you can move this table around to arrange it nicely next to or below table 1. Then repeat for other tables you wish to move to sheet 1.

    If your intention is to merge tables, then it is a little trickier. The tables should be the same number of columns with the same data in each column. For instance, if table 1 is name, address, phone number then table 2 should be the same. Then copy and paste, but this time select the rows in table 2
    that you want to move to table 1. Then Copy. Then go to table 1 and add an extra row at the bottom and select it. Then Paste. More rows will be added to accommodate the data.

    Of course you could mean other things as well, including merging complex tables with different information. That’s harder to do. I won’t go into it unless that is what you want.

    3 years ago

    Table to sheet is correct. I get those mixed up. I’ll have to re-watch your Numbers course.
    Cut and paste worked like a charm.
    Thank you, Gary.

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