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How Do I Merge Two Audio Files?

What’s the best app for merging audio files? I tried doing the “add clip to end” option in Quicktime’s edit menu like I do when merging video files, but with the audio files, it was grayed out.

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    3 years ago

    Thinking about what is free and already on your Mac, you could use GarageBand to do this. Just create an empty project, put both audio files in the timeline, and then export to make the new file.

    As far as third-party apps are concerned, Audacity is the one most people use.

    You could also do it in iMovie, by using a background as the video portion and the audio tracks attached to it. Then export as audio-only. Probably not the best option, but for people who are used to using iMovie and not GarageBand or Audacity, then it is a good option.

    Harry Fuller
    3 years ago

    I like to use Fission from Rogue Amoeba:

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