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How Do I Move a File Within a Folder?

How do I move a file to a different position within a folder?

I keep a Turbo tax and a PDF copy of each years taxes in my Turbo tax Folder and in one instance they are seperated by several other files
Frank McCarthy

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    3 years ago

    That depends on your viewing options for that Finder window. Are you using Icon, List, Column or Gallery view? And then which automatic sort options set. Check in View, Sort By.

    The only view where you can manually position files is Icon View. List and Column view are always sorted by something: name, date, etc.

    If you are using List or Column view, then maybe a better sort for your situation would be by date, if those are the two files you routinely access and the others are old.

    Otherwise, maybe consider moving the other files elsewhere, or into a subfolder if they are getting in the way.

    Frank McCarthy
    3 years ago

    Thank you

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