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How Do I Move Files From the Cloud To Mac?

How do I move files/ documents from iCloud / iDrive back to the iMac’s hard drive?

I’m trying to reduce the iCloud storage space for documents I don’t need when away from home.
Jeff W

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    1 year ago

    Just move them to a folder that is not part of iCloud Drive. See

    11 months ago

    I play a game called Elvenar on my android tab4. Will I be able to move the game to my iPad gen8 using iCloud and drive? Many Thanks.

    11 months ago

    Danny: An Android app is something made for Android, you can't run it on iOS any more than you can run a PlayStation game on an Xbox. But maybe the developer has a license that allows you to use the game on both platforms. You'd have to ask them. iCloud wouldn't have anything to do with that though.

    11 months ago

    Many Thanks, Gary.

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