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How Do I Move Files From the Cloud To Mac?

How do I move files/ documents from iCloud / iDrive back to the iMac’s hard drive?

I’m trying to reduce the iCloud storage space for documents I don’t need when away from home.
Jeff W

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    2 years ago

    Just move them to a folder that is not part of iCloud Drive. See

    1 year ago

    I play a game called Elvenar on my android tab4. Will I be able to move the game to my iPad gen8 using iCloud and drive? Many Thanks.

    1 year ago

    Danny: An Android app is something made for Android, you can't run it on iOS any more than you can run a PlayStation game on an Xbox. But maybe the developer has a license that allows you to use the game on both platforms. You'd have to ask them. iCloud wouldn't have anything to do with that though.

    1 year ago

    Many Thanks, Gary.

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