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How do i move my music to my new mac?

Hi Gary,
I am a huge fan of mac most. I just purchased my first mac after almost 3 years of debate. I feel like a fish out of water. Some of the music that i have on my ipod classic i ripped from cd’s and other sources the others i purchased from itunes. What i need to know how do i transfer my music library to my new mac without losing all my music? There is so much stuff out there not sure whats legit and whats not.
Thanks for all you help.

— Lujah Fontaine

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    10 years ago

    If you use Migration Assistant then it will take care of it. It copies all your documents, music, photos, etc.
    If not, then simply copy the iTunes Library — transfer across a network, firewire (Target mode) or use an external drive to copy it over.

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