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How Do I Open a Photo In Photos With Preview?

How can I open a photo in Preview without it opening in Photos?

I want to do some editing that I can only do in Preview.
Jim Cunningham

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    2 years ago

    Is the photo currently in your Photos library? Or, is it a file outside of your Photos library?

    If the latter, then you just open it in Preview. Pretty straight-forward. So I'll assume you mean the former.

    You will need to open Photos to get to the picture. So you have to start there. Go to the photo you want and select it or view it. Then choose Image, Edit With, and Preview. This will open it in the Preview app. Then you can make changes, and use File, Save to save it. The changes will appear in Photos. You can still use Image, Revert to Original to undo the changes.

    However, you said that the editing you want to do you "can only do in Preview." I'm not sure what you are doing, exactly, but most (all?) of what you can do in Preview you can also do in Photos.

    Instead of using Image, Edit With, edit the Photo in Photos by viewing the photo and then with the Edit button or Image, Show Edit Tools. Then click the Extensions tool at the top. It looks like a circle with three dots at the top. Then choose Markup. This gives you the same markup tools you will find in Preview. But you are editing directly in Photos without needing to open another app.

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