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How Do I Open Up a File With a .download In the File Name?

Can not open a file I downloaded. The file shows as a white piece of paper with the upper right corner dogeared, and the Safari logo on it. Also, the image was downloaded with the extension “.png” and it now shows “”.I tried opening it in Preview, and from the Desktop. No luck.

I downloaded 4 images to the download folder. Three of the 4 can open as usual.
The file in question is not opening, and somehow end up with a different extension.
Changing the extension by eliminating “.download” puts the file in a folder that will not open either.

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    4 years ago

    If you see .download at the end of the filename, it means that the file has not yet completely downloaded. Either wait for the download to complete, or start the download again if you think the download has failed.

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