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How Do I Perform OCR On a MacBook Pro?

Sometimes when reading a book online I take a screen shot of some important information. What is the easiest way of turning the image into text that I can edit?

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    2 years ago

    If you are reading online, then is it possible to copy and paste the text instead of taking a screenshot? A Screenshot would just be a picture, so it would be much easier if you can grab the text. You may also be able to “print” and save as a PDF and then open the PDF in preview where the text should be text — and selectable for whatever you need.

    If your only option is a screenshot image, then what you need is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) app that will take the image and try to pick out the text, also performing corrections based on content. There are some in the App Store. I have a video on using Google Docs to do it:

    If the information is small, like a link or a line or text or two, it will probably be easier to type the information than to do all of that.

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