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How Do I Prepare To Skip Upgrading To Catalina When Big Sur Is Imminent?

I write music on my mac. Notarisation issues in Catalina have caused major issues for plugin developers. Some are only now releasing versions of their plugins that are compatible. Some have not bothered.
Typically I wait before upgrading to a new OSX; so by now I would be using Catalina. Just before a new version. Not this year though. I’m still concerned about plugin issues.
In addition a program I use in my workflow for music writing is not going to be upgraded. The developer has ceased trading. I’m therefore thinking should I upgrade at all?
Issues with this strategy: Lack of internet security updates; Logic Pro compatibility; Big Sur compatibility, access to Catalina if needed, and personal stress.
I’ve never been in this position before. I hear of people using older OSX versions. They seem to cope. Could I cope?
Can I prepare in some way to minimise my stress levels and avoid compromising my internet security in the future if I adopt this strategy?
Malcolm James

Comments: 2 Responses to “How Do I Prepare To Skip Upgrading To Catalina When Big Sur Is Imminent?”

    2 years ago

    There are many problems with the "not upgrading at all" strategy. What happens if you want a new app that only runs on Catalina or newer? What happens if you need a feature that is only available on Catalina or newer? And -- this is a big one -- what happens if your Mac beaks down (or is stolen, etc), and you need to get a new one?

    When you get a new Mac, it would run the latest macOS (Catalina, Big Sur, or whatever is current) and can't ever be downgraded to an older operating system. So at that point it would be a big shock to have to deal with a new Mac plus have to abandon that app that you use where the developer has closed shop.

    My advice is that if an app is dead, you need to move on as soon as possible. One day your Mac will need to be replaced and then you'll be forced to do so. But instead of it becoming an emergency situation, do it now while you have control. Find out what can replace that app in your workflow. Try it. Start moving toward it. Same with any missing plugins and such. If a developer is this far behind I would have lost my trust in them by now and not rely on them for anything.

    The one issue you bring up, security updates, is a good one but not nearly as big a deal as the three I mention. Apple usually provides security updates for old versions of macOS for years, and then after that so few people are using that old version that any security issue that may come up is rarely an issue.

    Malcolm James
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary. Based on your suggestion I just did a search for a replacement program, for something to maintain my current workflow, and found that the app I use has recently been taken up by another developer. A new Catalina compatible version is now available. I'm not sure I can explain how relieved I am. I will be updating to Catalina after all!

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