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How Do I Prevent Ticker Symbols From Appearing In Spotlight?

I would like to keep stock ticker symbols from showing up in spotlight suggestions when I search.

I have a file named msm6.scriv. When I type it in spotlight, the first thing that often pops up is a ticker symbol, which I inadvertently activate by hitting return. This also happens when I type the name of some contacts in spotlight. Any way to stop spotlight from looking at ticker symbols?

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    2 years ago

    Go to System Preferences, Spotlight. Then look in the Search Results list for Spotlight Suggestions. When this is checked, you will get things like news, sports, movies, weather and stocks in your Spotlight results.

    There is no way to individually turn something like stocks on or off, you either have to have all Spotlight Suggestions on, or all of them off.

    2 years ago

    So helpful. Two related questions: If I disable "spotlight suggestions" will Spotlight stop offering websites? And, will spotlight stop prioritizing the search results for me? (I like those two features....)

    Thank you so much! I just added your "tips and tricks for Spotlight" video to my favorites, so I can study the shortcuts when I have more time. I love your blog, which I discovered this year. You have solved many problems for me!

    2 years ago

    Shelley: Yes. Try it and see. It is easy to switch on and off. If you switch it off you don't get website suggestions in Spotlight, but you can always go to Safari and get those too.

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