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How Do I Print a Calendar List Without ‘Blank’ Days?

Is it possible to print a list of calendar entries WITHOUT ‘blank days’ appearing in the list. For example I’m monitoring a health issue that doesn’t happen every day. I want to print out a list of the days it does happen to give to my healthcare clinician. Is this possible? Thanks in advance Jean.
Jean Willis

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    8 months ago

    Yes. In the main Calendar interface, select the event you want. An easy way to do this would be to put these special health events in a calendar separate from other regular events. So you would have a Personal calendar, maybe a work calendar and family calendar too, and then a "Health Event" calendar or whatever you want to call it. Then turn off the other calendars, leaving only the Health Event calendar visible.

    Then, you can use Command+A or Edit, Select All to select them all easily. This select just the visible events, not ones before your after the range shown on the screen. So it works best in Month view. Otherwise, you can Command+click events to add or remove them from the selection singly.

    Now use File, Print to go to the Print interface. At the top, select View: Selected Events. Set the Options at the bottom as you like. Then print or click the PDF button to create a PDF.

    8 months ago

    I think it’s also possible with Shortcuts.

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