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How Do I Print a Webpage In Landscape Mode From My iPhone?

We need to print a filled in form on a website using an iPhone. But when we send it to AirPrint, the only options are Double-sided and Black & White. No option to switch to landscape mode. Is there a workaround, maybe using another app as an extra step?

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    7 years ago

    You neglected to include the most important piece of information: which app are you trying to print from? The options you get when printing depend on the app.
    But it is obvious that the app you are using does not support landscape mode. Or, if it does, it does so before you ever get to the printing functions. For instance, an app my ask what type of document you are creating when you start and you get to choose portrait or landscape. Then it prints accordingly.
    Other apps do have this at the time you print. For instance, Numbers lets you choose by tapping the settings (gear) button after tapping print and then you can switch between portrait or landscape.
    If the app you are using has neither of these options, then you may want to find a different app that does the same thing if landscape printing is necessary. Or, just print from your computer instead.
    In some cases, you can find a printing app that is built specifically for your printer. I think HP still makes an app that talks to its printers. Not sure if there is a way to link whatever app you are using to the functions in that printing app, however. You'll just have to try it.

    Cameron Price
    7 years ago

    Sorry, I sometimes forget that other people use different web browsers on their iOS devices. The app we're using is Safari. We've tried exporting the webpage from Safari to iBooks as a PDF, but part of the information gets cut off. We've also tried taking a screenshot of the webpage with the intent of rotating the captured image. But we're not able to view the entire webpage at once within the Safari window, so again, it gets cut off.

    7 years ago

    OK, so Safari. Doesn't look like Safari supports any print options like that. If you want something specific, your best bet is to just print from a computer.

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