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How Do I Print Presenter Notes Only On Keynote?

How do I print the presenter notes in 1 or 2 pages, with small icons of the slide? I am giving class on Zoom and when I share the screen the notes will show too. So I need to print them out to have them at hand, or is there another solution to this? Thanks Gary!
Yuri Blanco

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    2 years ago

    You've got two options. Go to File, Print. If you haven't expanded the Print dialog, click the Show Details button. Then switch to Handout mode. Then check Include presenter notes. This gives you a small slide on the left, and your notes to the right.

    But you can also use Slide mode. You'll need to check Include presenter notes here as well. Then you get a slide on the top half of each page, and the notes at the bottom.

    2 years ago

    Rather than printing to "hide" your notes from zoom and your students, consider playing the presentation in a window, and with the latest keynote, you can actually have the presenter notes in another window that is not shared on zoom.

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